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Trading within a team gives you an advantage

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How Can You Benefit From A Team Approach?


Trading is a very lonely profession.  While most of us become passionate about trading it also has the effect to grind you down mentally and expose the flaws in your character.  The saying that there is strength in numbers could not be more suitable when it comes to trading. The collective resources of the group will always perform better than the individual from my experience.  A team approach provides you with the opportunity to bounce ideas off each other, share resources, leverage your time, access additional skills that you may not have or need to develop and take advantage of a diversified background to help achieve a common goal.


Working as part of a team is a very powerful way of gaining momentum particularly when the whole team is on board with a common goal of continued success.


If we look at system trading and automation at GMT Futures we have over 100 people sharing ideas, system settings, high performance strategies, tips, shortcuts and experiences, all of which help fast track your experience with each other to gain the best possible edge.


Combine that with the professional team the Directors at GMT Futures have put together and this ensure that our Pro Traders achieve successful profitable track records for their individual trading accounts.


Who is on your current trading team and are you using a High Performance Coach?


In any field of endeavour where you want to get the most out of yourself, it is critical to have a coach helping you raise the level of your performance.  Coaching is a necessity in the arena of trading particularly if you value your time. You will want to have someone who is able to provide objective feedback, motivation, guidance, experience and support on your journey as a professional trader.  GMT Futures provide professional coaches to assist each of our Pro Traders in a one-on-one format with their development through our program.  This is an outstanding resource for you to have available and one that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.


Do you have a system development team?


System development, management and improvement are critical in today’s trading environment.  GMT Futures have a professional team who are continuously working on providing high performance systems for our Pro Trader group.  We have a model for developing, managing and improving our high performance automated systems backed by a team of developers.


Do you have a group of Professional Traders collaborating ideas and concepts?


Traders with a common goal using the same methodology it is a powerful model to be part of and great results can be achieved in this environment.  Sharing ideas, concepts and strategies for the betterment of the group is something that largely outperforms a majority of other processes.


Does your team include Technical Support?


You need to ensure you have technical support for your trading business.  Downtime due to technical issues can be very costly and you should be concentrating on your strength and that is trading.


Do you have a pathway to move into Funds Management and a Fund Manager assisting you?


I guess you should also ask yourself why you are trading. If it is to be involved with a Managed Fund when you have the experience then by all means undertake the Pro Trader Program as that has a clear defined path towards becoming a trade manager in a full time position. GMT Futures have an existing fund which they actively provide traders for post track record. The beauty of this relationship is that 1 of the Investment Managers for the fund provides assistance during the track record process to ensure that you are getting the very best possible support during the progression from a track record towards a role as a trade manager in the fund.


A number of roles are also taken care of in our fund environment transition which you can see below. Without the established relationships it is almost impossible to have access to these important functions below.



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The simple 7 step process allows you to gain the appropriate knowledge, qualifications, license and most importantly an audtied track record to be in a position to offer your services as a trade manager. We have the structure to help you achieve this goal.

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